Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Size: 10,5 - 30,5 m2
Programmatic: compact module
Architects: SA lab
Photos by: Ekaterina Titenko
Status: built
Year: 2019

Press: Archdaily, Archello, Dwell, Designboom, DesignMilk, InHabitat, USANewsHub, YADOKARI, AD Russia


Design and build an all-season grill house.


FLEXSE is a modern view of a traditional scandinavian grill house and a first prototype of a compact module. During winter or in a cold weather it is cosy and comfortable to cook and chill inside, while in summer the open terrace is a nice place to spend time.

The design maximizes the usable area, while keeping the minimal footprint and making it versatile for different functional scenarios. The first version of FLEXSE is used as a small BBQ house. Other functions available – a sauna, a guest house, a tiny house, if you decide to put it in a countryside. Otherwise the module can be located within the city limits and become a nice place for a small café, shop, or an office pod, if it is located inside an existing building.

The module can be assembled in parts on site and consists of 100% recyclable materials. The structure can be positioned on different foundations – concrete slab, metal piers, etc., which allows for placing it in the most remote areas, even on water. The module is customizable inside and outside – various types of finishing materials are available for choosing.

Adapt FLEXSE to your needs!