Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 1000m2
Programmatic: culture
Architects: SA lab
Status: concept
Награды: finalist
Year: 2018


The task was to design a temporary summer cinema pavilion, based on a mission of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and to offer unique experience to visitors.

The proposal should take into account 5 principles:
> to be a new landmark
> to be a functional and useful space
> to be sustainable
> to be human friendly
> to be temporary

The pavilion will function only four months.


To design an adaptive space which will be showing the idea of temporary architecture through cinematography.

“The best movie is like a dream - never know was it or not” - Jim Jarmusch.


The site is Gorky Park in Moscow. The pavilion should be located on the Arts Square right infront of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, constructed by OMA.
Context parameters:
> moire
> relations between closed and opened space
> geometry
> identity


The concept is based on 4 elements:
> summer cinema as a fresh open air space
> garage as a simple and utility space
> cinematography as an imaginative parameter
> time as an evanescence and cycle parameter

Form finding is based on site analysis and creation of flexible comfortable pavilion.


The pavilion proposes 3 options of transformation from open to closed for possible change depending on the weather and the type of event.


The pavilion consists of 2 parts: framework and facade system.
Scaffolding system LAYHER was used as a framework to reduce cost, easy installation and dismantling. Pavilion frame is composed from 8 typical elements.

PVC strips form multi-layered double skin facade. This approach helped to create bright and remarkable temporary architecture. Visually, the material has something in common with the Garage museum building.

The design proposal suggests 2 types of strips to be used:
- blue transparent as a facade material
- white opaque blackout as an interior material


Framework can be used after the end of the pavilion functioning in many ways: as a scaffolding, scene or exhibition facilities.
Also the elements of the framework can be taken for rent for 4 months.
Limited edition of souvenirs can be made of PVC strips and later be sold in Garage Shop.


GARAGE SCREEN is a comfortable pavilion that reflects the atmosphere of summer.
The long-awaited, ephemeral and fleeting.