Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Size:  4500 m2
Project team: SA lab
Project year: 2017

The site is a territory of a residential complex Green Tower, a club-house, part of the eco-complex Triumph Park. The complex was BREEAM certified and twice became a laureate of the Green Awards competition. The site area is 4500 m2. The task of the project was to design a comfortable environment for outdoor activities and create a local center of attraction for residents.

The concept, being inspired by the shape and logic of leaves and trees, continues the idea of ecology and nature, which is the base of the Green Tower design. The cellular automata - algorithms repeating the logic of cell behavior in nature, were used to generate the structure of the design objects. Thus the nature is used not only to design the appearance but also to design the logic of the geometry. The module size 50x50x50 cm was used as a "cell", it adapts, grows and changes, containing different functions.

The center of attraction was located in the south part of the complex - it's a big area, light and away from the main traffic. With the help of the ca algorithms was generated a structure capable of housing different functions. The structure can be used as a pavilion for meeting, rest and different outdoor activities. It can be increased or decreased in size if necessary. Modular seating elements can be combined in different ways and moved by the residents. The geometry of the pavilion is complex and has no straight associations, allowing the exploration of it. The color of the pavilion is white. During the night or the winter time it can be varied by the lighting.

The landscape of the complex is made in one level. The alternative way is a multilevel landscape. It allows organizing the seating places and protecting the lawn.

The proposed modular system develops the concept of the residential complex, adapting to the needs of the residents and coming into a dialog with them to provoke for a constant exploration and to create a lively comfortable environment for living.


Create, transform, explore.