Location: Chattanooga, USA
Site area:  520 m2
Building area: 59 m2
Project team: Stepan Kukharskiy, Alina Chereyskaya
Project year: 2016

'Gyroid house' is a proposal for FREEFORM HOME DESIGN CHALLENGE by Branch Technology. The task was to develop a single-family home using a novel method for 3D printing architectural components. This method combines large-scale robotics, sophisticated algorithms and carbon composite materials to print open-cell structures. This patented technology is called Cellular Fabrication™. The house should be between 600 and 800 square feet and should be limited to one level.  Competition brief.  

‘GYROID house’ – is a project that demonstrates the possibilities and advances of 3D printing technologies comparing to traditional building technologies. 
The house is a comfortable living space with a bright and unique form. Cellular fabrication is a man-made principle of “cell” organization for building structures. Gyroid - an infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface - is a natural way to organize cells in more complex forms, which become parts of plants and animals. 
Thus fabricated “cells” come together producing a natural form.
The shape of the house is based on a part of gyroid suitable for creating a 627 sq ft living space. The initial shape was optimized with such tools as Galapagos and Ladybug and then turned into  bearing structure. Other parts were covered with glass panels. Fiberglass panels are used for the exterior finishing while stucco is used to cover the interior surface. 
The building consists of a hall, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a toilet with a technical room.
By adding similar blocks in a horizontal direction the total area of the house can be enlarged up to 1881 sq ft. There are flexible solar panels on the roof to supply electricity. 
'Gyroid house' is reprogramming the traditional house as we know it by means of mathematical design and innovative building construction.

SA lab project "GYROID House" was shortlisted among 50 other projects and among 1333 projects from 97 countries in total made for Freeform Home Design Challenge.