Location: La Maddalena, Italy
Size: 6,25 m2
Project team: Stepan Kukharskiy, Alina Chereyskaya
Material: wood, ETFE
Project year: February, 2014

The project was made for ECCO International Architecture Landscape Design Contest. La Maddalena is an extraordinary archipelago consisting of 7 main islands and more than 60 little ones, located in the North-East of Sardinia. Nature makes this place one of the most attractive points in Europe. During summer the population grows up to 300%, making tourism the main economic source.
The topic for the contest was sustainable design in nature-protected areas. The aim of the competition was to design an information module for the Parco Nazionale di La Maddalena with maximum measurements being 2.5x2.5x2.5 meters.
The proposal was developed with the following characteristic features being incorporated in the design:
- the module is located near main tourist attractions, creating a network of information pavilions;
- the module is mobile and can be transported as a whole or divided into separate parts;
- the module is easily assembled;
- ETFE cushions with PV panels create a self-sufficient energy system;
- the elements with low energy needs are used to decrease the use of electricity;
- the construction is made of recyclable materials;
- the possibility of combining the modules makes it adaptable to the population changes.
The information module has its own energy system with PV panels installed on ETFE cushions. The cushions create a shelter from the sun and also attract attention. All the data about national park is accessed with the media wall and special mobile app, which can be downloaded using WI-FI. Also the module accommodates a sell-point with the vending machine and a toilet.
Create your own trip and enjoy your stay at the Parco Nazionale di La Maddalena!