Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Size: 4,5 m2
Project team: Alina Chereyskaya, Stepan Kukharskiy, Sasha Alexandra, Peter Berezin
Material: plywood 9 and 10 mm sheet thickness
Project year: June, 2013

The pavilion was made for "The Imperial Gardens of Russia" Sixth Annual International Festival and The Landscape Design Exhibition "PLANTOMANIA". One of the main symbols of nature is a tree, which is used for a long time in literature, painting and philosophy. A tree can be used in multiple ways – as a shelter and a good place to relax, work, meditate and think. It can provide you a place for your needs despite your culture, race, faith, etc. The branches of the tree, growing up from its trunk, support its crown. The same method we used in our construction. Vertical racks, connected on the ground, split up more as they get higher, while horizontal elements, connecting racks together, symbolize the tree rings and the crown of the tree. Vertical and horizontal elements are assembled into pylons (trees), which then can be composed into a bigger, really endless, structure (forest). The pavilion was made out of plywood. The bright color was used to attract people’s attention. It suggests a visitor to stop and think a little bit and get closer to the nature.