Location: Vyksa, Russia
Size: 19 m2
Project team: Alina Chereyskaya
Material: plywood
Project year: March, 2013

This is a proposal for “Balancing Pavilion” competition.  The task was to design a mobile pavilion for workshops and exhibitions to improve and make the city space more lively. The pavilion is supposed to be transported to any part of the city, but the initial location is a park.
Thinking about the name “balancing” I came to the conclusion, that it would be good to find a balance between city and nature by creating an adaptive design. That’s why the architecture is based on the natural form – a pinecone.
The analysis of a pinecone structure helped me to create a construction made of easily assembled elements – pyramids. The top of the pyramid is cut off, allowing a daylight inside of the structure.
As the pavilion was supposed to be installed in the park, I designed a special platform with a ramp for disabled people, which can be used as a terrace for art-installations.