Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 250 m2
Programmatic: exhibition area
Architects: SA lab
Status: concept
Year: 2019


To design two flexible areas for ROCA GROUP, which will be used for lectures, discussions and Roca One Day Design Challenge competition during ARCHMOSCOW 2019 exhibition.


To transfer ROCA brand values with architectural methods. The company produce products for bathrooms, curate social project We are water and One Day Design Challenge competition. All of this is united by one element – water.

Laconic aesthetic, optimal functional zoning and water as an inspiration are key parts of the areas design approach. Structural solution makes it possible for space to adapt, change shape and transform into a showroom after the exhibition.

Lecture area, 90 sq.m., is formed by a modular structure. The typical element of it resembles a water drop, and the whole structure reminds of water splashes. It is easy to produce, transport and mount on site.
Competition area, 144 sq.m., is formed by 20 large modules. hey resemble of water flows and create interesting moire effect. he modules are produced separately and only mounted on site. Light and semitransparent structures in two designed areas are creating more private space, on one hand, and catching visitors’ attention, on the other.

ROCA areas are broadcasting brand features, have optional functionality and bright, eye-catching design.