Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Size:  5200 m2
Project team: Alina Chereyskaya, Stepan Kukharskiy
Project year: september-october, 2015

The project was made for “AMSTERDAM FLOATING TOY MUSEUM” Competition organised by ARQUITECTUM.
   Toy Museum will be located in the Oosterdok, near the old port. The main feature of the task was to design a building on the water. The area is like a kaleidoscope in which mixed buildings of different ages, masts of old ships, bridges, embankments and reflections in the river. Near the site of the design are:
- Science Center NEMO
-The National Maritime Museum
- Historical harbor with historical ships Museumhaven
-ARCAM (Amsterdam center of architecture)
   Toy Museum should become a new anchor point for recreation and education of people. Location of the museum on the river suggests to make a mobile building, instead of a static. It should be like a drifting iceberg, which can easily change its site. Water houses is a traditional feature of Amsterdam. Because of its functional program, the building can not be just a “box". The museum should be bright and iconic. The architecture of the museum pushes on the association with the sea monster or a giant shark.
   The building consists of 6 floors. The Ground floor accommodates a terrace for temporary exhibitions, education space, a café and administration area, cloakroom and main storage room are located on the underground level, while the main exhibition spaces are located on 4 other floors. The top floor designed as an open terrace, providing views to the city and surrounding area.
   The facade of the dynamic building is a “skin”, made of perforated metal panels, creating a solid shape and allowing the daylight to enter the interior spaces wherever necessary.
   The design of the museum is seen as not a simple box for the toys, but as a box, which is a toy itself, thus creating a playful and encouraging atmosphere in any place it is located. 
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