Location: Moscow, Russia
Size:  4 м2
Project team: SA lab
Production partners: Anthony&Serge
Project year: 2017

One of the 12 best young architectural bureaus of Russia in 2017, SA lab specially designed a transformable pavilion for ARCH MOSCOW 2017 exhibition. Exhibition ARCH MOSCOW brings together leading Western and Russian participants of the international architectural community already for 20 years.
The name of the pavilion, Set, is based on one of the key concept of Mathematics, meaning a well-defined collection of distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right.
The area for the construction of the pavilion – 4 m2 – is completely built up, creating a permeable structure, open for interaction and not only for visual perception. At first, 3 support points were chosen and the structure was optimized according to the load case. The structure is adaptive, consists of one module made of 6 mm thick metal rods, but it can be manufactured from different materials. The pavilion consists of 95 modules and total length of rods used for its construction is almost 1 km. The module can be enlarged and used for small architectural forms as well as for bearing structures. One module – set of variations.