Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Size: 2,6 ha
Project team: Stepan Kukharskiy, Alina Chereyskaya
Project year: 2012

This project is a third prize winner in “The environment of the 21 century” competition and also received a special prize for light design.

You can find it in Капитель № 2 (2012) journal (
The task was to develop an embankment in connection with the existing apartment complex. The main problem of the place was that different functional zones had no connection between each other. Our design was created to make a connection between all these zones, for pedestrians and bicyclists to be able to move free between all of them in any direction they want, without crossing the traffic and mixing with each other. This was achieved by using of rampants. Which also made the territory friendlier to disabled people. The pedestrian routes are divided in three parts – for walking pedestrians, for running people, or those who hurry, and for bicyclists.  Under the rampants on the embankment there are sport zones and areas for dogs. Also there is a café on the embankment and a pier for yachts and boats with a public water transport stop. The heliport can be transformed into a stage for holding concerts and other public events. 

Also private rooftops of the towers were designed. They are divided in three parts – solitary, lounge and garden zones. The terraces are covered by the shelters, adaptable to weather conditions. 

The lights were designed for the whole territory. Different functional zones are lit by different light types.